5 unique bicycle add-ons

5 unique bicycle add-ons

If you are looking to go cycling in style this season, then there are plenty of add-ons to look out for. Aside from the colors of your bike and helmet, there are actually more practical adjustments that can enhance your biking tour experience. Take a look here to see which of these ideas will be most appealing to you for your bike tours. Whether or not you are looking for a weekend or a week-long bike tour, you will certainly want to ride under the best possible conditions.


With our bike tours come various locations. Often times these locations can be met with rough terrain and not-so-smooth pavement. That is why it is recommended to have suspension benefits for the bicycle. This is such a great way to make sure that your bike tours are as healthy and as smooth as possible.

Big Tires

Fatter tires have been known to create much better traction for your cycling experience. They also add to your suspension and comfort. The fat tires already feature suspension capabilities, and the comfort comes from its shock-absorbing features.


Depending on if we come across dark lighting or gray skies, it would always be wise to have reflectors on the front and back of the bike. It would also be wise to have a light at the front. There are lights that have different settings as well. Some blink in various patterns, which can help alert other bikers to your presence in the dark.

Smartphone mount

This one is just downright practical. If you are following GPS directions, you do not want to be pulling out your phone while riding. You should always ride safely with two hands on the bars. We also encourage all cyclers to use audio directions, that way they don’t have to constantly look down at their phones. We can only condone safe cycling. These phone mounts exist to be used safely.

Disc brakes

Although they do add a little weight to the bike, disk brakes do a fantastic job at stopping the bike. Whether you are going fast or casual speeds, disk brakes can be an awesome addition to your biking tour arsenal.

There are many more trends and add-ons available to amp-up your biking experience. Once you get to know fellow cyclers on your biking tour, you will be able to share ideas with each other. You will see how supped-up their bikes are. Maybe they prefer to go without some of the bigger biking trends. Finding the right type of add-ons for your bike is all about your personal satisfaction. And with new technology showing up all the time, you are bound to find new add-ons that help build your best riding experience. For more information on the bike tours and what to expect, please feel free to contact Bike Tour Vacations today.