Bike vacation: Dream vacation for couples

Bike vacation: Dream vacation for couples

As time goes by, it can be hard to find time for your and your significant other. Vacations have always been a good idea, but what kind of getaway should you choose? A cruise? A trip to Paris? How about a biking tour? Think about it, there are plenty of opportunities for you and your wife or husband to enjoy each other’s company. Don’t believe us? Take a look here to see how a bike vacation can give you and your spouse a trip you’ll never forget. We offer both weekend and week-long vacation options.



Explore Together

Predictability is never that fun. There are comforting locations, like favorite restaurants or coffee shops. But really, you want to go and discover new areas if you want to keep your romance flourishing. Be spontaneous. Find new places that you two had never seen before. What if you discover a spot while biking that can bring you closer together? You can find a new picnic spot that you two will only have to yourselves.

Maybe you can go with some family members to help get more comfortable with everyone. There are plenty of opportunities to discover new relational benefits along the road. Keep in mind, we are not biking 24/7. You will have the chance to relax on your bike tour vacation. The balance between fast adventure and slow comfort will bring you two closer together like never before. Try it out for yourself!


Challenge each other

Aside from the scenery, there is also the relational benefit of doing an activity together. You and your significant other can take a break from the bustle of family and work life. You two can leave all worries behind and find new things to enjoy together. As you go on the bike vacation, you will be exercising together. Think about that. Exercise can be slow and boring when doing it alone. But if you do it together, you will discover a better way.

It all of a sudden becomes fun! Going on a bike tour vacation will provide you and your spouse the chance to challenge each other and see how fast you two can go It can become a game. You will feel like you two are 20-years old again with this new sense of adventure. If you don’t believe us, try it out for yourself! It can be done in couples or with family and friends. But we have a feeling that you will find a renewed sense of pleasure and fun with each other.


A relationship is always about the other person. It is about communication and the desire to go somewhere with the other person. And that is exactly what you get when you go on a bike tour vacation. For more information on our bike vacation options, please be sure to contact us here.