Facts about the 5 Great Lakes

Facts about the 5 Great Lakes

If you have signed up for any Great Lakes vacation tours, you will certainly have plenty to look forward to. A Great Lakes Tour offers plenty of unique sights and experiences that should be on anyone’s bucket list. In order to help prepare you for any upcoming bike tours, here are some facts about the 5 Great Lakes.

Lake Superior

The largest of all of the great lakes, Lake Superior is certainly a sight to behold. It is found on the northern edge of Wisconsin and touches the eastern edge of Minnesota. That should give you and little idea of how big it really is. Superior’s deepest point is 1,300 ft. It is also a wonderfully clear body of water. It is also surprisingly warm for most seasons. During the winter, the Lake barely ever gets below 30 F. We told you this would be a vacation, didn’t we?

Lake Huron

Lake Huron will certainly be a fascinating place to visit. There are several shipwrecks found in the lake. It receives the flows from both Superior and Michigan. Many explorers used to see Huron as separate from the other lakes due to it being so far away from them. It also features beautiful forests to see along the path.

Lake Michigan

The third largest of the great lakes, Michigan is an extremely beautiful freshwater lake. It actually connects to Lake Huron. From a hydrological point of view, they are both technically one lake. But both of these areas deserve individual recognition. One cannot ignore the amazing circular formation, as well as the special visual effects it presents. We are referring to the lunar tidal effects that show up.

Lake Erie

The eleventh largest lake in the world, Lake Erie is the warmest of the Great Lakes. It features plenty of fascinating fish and is definitely not a spot to miss. It has wind setups from the East to the West. Most of the water comes from the Detroit River water. This water makes it to Erie by the upper Great Lakes (Superior, Michigan, and Huron).

Lake Ontario

Ranking fourth among the great lakes in terms of maximum depth, Lake Ontario is the 14th largest lake in the whole world. It has a very rural basin and features a few urban locations. It is known for lying at the base of Niagara Falls. If you are looking for a flow of beautiful mist and watery waves on your bike tours, then Lake Ontario is the place to see.


We are merely tracking the facts regarding the Great Lakes vacation. But simple facts cannot communicate the sheer beauty that you will feel on your get going on the Great Lakes vacation. For more information on our upcoming bike tours, please feel free to contact us here today. Please see here for our terms and conditions.