Ideal clothes for biking

Ideal clothes for biking

When going on a bike vacation, it is necessary to prepare for the expected journey. This preparation could be in terms of which bike to use or what to eat, but it also refers to what to wear for such an occasion. There are certain elements of apparel that go great with bike tours. They can enhance your comfort and function during your biking course. Plus, if chosen right, they can be quite fashionable. Well, without any further ado, let’s see the top 5 clothing items to wear for your upcoming biking tour.



Legwarmers work well with cold conditions, which are to be expected. However, what is also to be expected is changing conditions. Leg warmers can be taken off much easier than tights. Tights help keep you warm, but if the tour suddenly becomes too hot then you are stuck with them. You can’t be going on bike tours in your underwear. But the great thing about leg warmers is that they can be ripped on and off at will. Knee warmers work well too.


Wool socks

Aside from your legs, you also need to have the proper materials to keep your feet warm. You don’t want to just rely on the kinetic energy that your feet are making. But some socks are better than others. Wool socks work wonderfully for a bike vacation in cold weather.


Rain Protection

As mentioned earlier, the weather conditions can change while on a bike vacation. It is generally a good idea to always bring rain clothes. Rain jackets for cycling are usually recommended. We also recommend wearing layers of clothing. Wicking fabric close to the skin helps move the sweat away from you. There are also water-resistant rain pants to choose from. It is always best to have these types of clothes on stand-by. Sometimes the sun can be bright, and other times the clouds can come out of nowhere. Either way, you want to be sure that you go biking safely.


Cycling gloves

This one may seem a little unnecessary. However, short finger gloves add a few benefits to your biking tour experience. They allow you to hold a tighter grip while biking. You don’t want your handlebars getting uncomfortable after a while. You want to be able to hold for a good ride without your hands getting sweaty. They also help protect your hands in case of a crash and burn incident. Besides, they also look pretty stylish.


Cycling shoes

The right shoes make a big difference in your performance while on the bike tour. You need shoes that go well with peddles and do not tire you out over time. The right shoes won’t slip and will be able to clip into the peddles so that you can move as one with the bike.

There are a few other types of apparel to look out for. The ideal set of clothes matches your own style of exercise. For more information on our upcoming events, be sure to contact Bike Tour Vacations here.